What is Full-text Search?

Full-text Search is Cormail mailbox service for user to search mail quickly and precisely.You can enter keywords in mail,and the system will match them with the information of all mails,such as mail subjects,senders,recipients,texts,attachments,size and date to find out related matched keywords.At the same time the results will be displayed summary in fragment and sorted according to date.

Can I search content partially matched?

Yes.You can enter keywords in the search field in the upper corner of the window,and email server will match them with email subjucts,recipients,senders,text and attachment subjects.The system will find out keywords you want and display content in summary and fragment.

Can I search content in attachments partially matched?

Yes.When the system match your keywords with the content of a attachment,the results will display the mail attaching with this attachment.You can open the attachment and check the results.Currently the system supports the format of attachment to search as follow: Office,PDF,CHM,RAR,ZIP,TGZ,7Z,etc.